Tag: Amanda Suffecool

  • Episode 262 with Amanda Suffecool

    Self defense as you walk, as you drive, and as you work. These four gun owners faced a lethal threat and survived. This is what we can learn.

  • Episode 256 with Amanda Suffecool

    Firearms instructor Amanda Suffecool brings us four news stories of armed defense. How far away is your gun?

  • Episode 249 with Amanda Suffecool

    Here are four new stories of self-defense. These honest gun owners saved lives because they were armed. What should we do in their place?

  • Episode 242 with Amanda Suffecool

    These honest citizens defended themselves successfully because they were armed in their car, in public, at home, and at work.

  • Episode 235 with Amanda Suffecool

    Gun owners defend themselves, defend their loved ones, and defend innocent strangers. That gets complicated.

  • Episode 227 with Amanda Suffecool

    Amanda Suffecool brings us four news stories. These honest gun owners had seconds to save a life. How will you defend the people you love?

  • Episode 220 with Amanda Suffecool

    Can you articulate why a 15 year old needed to be shot. Officer, he had a gun pointed at me and he and several other attackers were threatening to kill me. The great news is that she defended herself without firing a shot.

  • Episode 216 with Amanda Suffecool

    What would you do if your spouse or children walked in with you. Are you safer defending them with your gun or in running away?

  • Episode 207 with Amanda Suffecool

    I was taught to grab the attacker, so that if he moves, I’ll move with him. That response of moving toward a fight is hard to invent if you’ve never thought about it before.

  • Episode 201 with Amanda Suffecool

    We don’t expect to see an armed man shooting at us as we drive down the street. We expect to see someone with a cell phone in his hand, not with a gun pointed at us. I think the biggest thing our defender did correctly is he believed his eyes. Our defender took it seriously.