Tag: armed couple

  • Episode 337 with David Cole

    Again this week, armed citizens defended themselves at home, and at work. There is so much we can learn.

  • Episode 320 with Candy Petticord

    Self-defense changes each second. These four gun owners faced a threat. Here is what we can learn from their experience.

  • Episode 308 with Amanda Suffecool

    Firearm Instructor Amanda Suffecool brings us four new stories of armed defense. These gun owners saved lives. Practice to be a lifesaver.

  • Episode 258 with Heather Reeves

    These honest citizens faced a lethal threat. Fortunately, armed defenders are everywhere.

  • Episode 241 with Michael Woodland

    Michael Woodland brings us four news stories of armed defense. Can you defend your children and grandchildren at home? If you don’t defend them, then who will?

  • Episode 224 with Lauren Hartnett

    Our defender reacted when he heard a scream. He was armed to protect the people he loved. They tried to stop the attacks with verbal commands, with physical presence, and then with a shot to the center of the chest.

  • Episode 202 with Elizabeth Hautman

    You grab your gun from under the driver’s seat. Your passengers hand over their purchases. You stand up and shoot your attacker. You stop shooting as your attacker runs away.

  • Episode 192 with Tony Simon

    An intruder is attacking your loved one. Have you practiced short distance self-defense?

  • Episode 183 with Andee Reardon O’Brion

    Many people think once they pass the test to get their concealed carry permit, they learned enough. This is not true!

  • Episode 179 with Ben Branam

    You and your fiance are home on a Saturday night. You hear something going on in the back of your apartment. You see two young men smashing their way into your screened porch. One of them is armed.