Tag: armed self defense

  • Episode 342 with Candy Petticord

    These self-defense situations sound simple, but they teach us a lot. Please continue to learn about armed defense.

  • Episode 272 with Robyn Sandoval

    Here are four new stories of armed defense at home and in public. What should we do when we are in a situation like these?

  • Episode 245 with David Cole

    These homeowners were not safe. Fortunately, they were armed. Were they lucky, or were they well trained?

  • Episode 201 with Amanda Suffecool

    We don’t expect to see an armed man shooting at us as we drive down the street. We expect to see someone with a cell phone in his hand, not with a gun pointed at us. I think the biggest thing our defender did correctly is he believed his eyes. Our defender took it seriously.

  • Episode 171 with Ben Branam

    I'm so glad this mom was armed. She saved her husband and her daughter.

  • Episode 160 with Jeff Street

    We trust people we think we know, and sometimes we’re wrong. I’m glad our victim was armed. He waited his turn rather than drawing a firearm as soon as he saw that he was being robbed. He defended himself as he ran. Running makes you a harder target and it also gets you out of trouble.

  • Episode 69 with Amanda Suffecool

    Welcome to episode 69. Instructor Amanda Suffecool joins us this week with three new self-defense stories. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they prepared? How would you react in their situation? (18 minutes )