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  • Episode 260 with Tony Simon

    How good are you? Everyone needs to carry, train and practice.

  • Episode 256 with Amanda Suffecool

    Firearms instructor Amanda Suffecool brings us four news stories of armed defense. How far away is your gun?

  • Episode 254 with Tony Simon

    Thousands of us defend our selves and others every day. These four armed citizens faced a lethal threat. What should we do in their place?

  • Episode 246 with Tony Simon

    Armed citizens save lives again this week. What should you do if you were in their place?

  • Episode 242 with Amanda Suffecool

    These honest citizens defended themselves successfully because they were armed in their car, in public, at home, and at work.

  • Episode 212 with Elizabeth Hautman

    Only about one in thirty attacks end with the defender having to press the trigger. We see the same thing with the police. Most bad guys stop their attack once the policeman has his hand on his gun.

  • Episode 207 with Amanda Suffecool

    I was taught to grab the attacker, so that if he moves, I’ll move with him. That response of moving toward a fight is hard to invent if you’ve never thought about it before.

  • Episode 205 with Tony Simon

    Rob- Introduction-  Welcome to episode 205 of Self-Defense Gun Stories. We’re glad you found us, and that’s true if you’re well trained and if you’re new to self defense. I’m […]

  • Episode 203 with David Cole

    A lesson here is that you CAN miss even at very close range. So practice shooting a handgun at close quarters. Remember to put your support hand to your chest every time.

  • Episode 201 with Amanda Suffecool

    We don’t expect to see an armed man shooting at us as we drive down the street. We expect to see someone with a cell phone in his hand, not with a gun pointed at us. I think the biggest thing our defender did correctly is he believed his eyes. Our defender took it seriously.