Tag: armed woman

  • Episode 288 with Tony Simon

    These four gun owners faced lethal threats. This is how they defended themselves, theif friends, and their family.

  • Episode 281 with David Cole

    Firearms instructor David Cole give us homework for the test we hope we never take.

  • Episode 266 with Robyn Sandoval

    These armed citizens defended themselves, family and strangers. Here is what we can learn.

  • Episode 255 with Robyn Sandoval

    Honest citizens defend themselves every day, and the attacker usually throws the first punch. The fight to survive starts up close.

  • Episode 247 with Robyn Sandoval

    Robyn Sandoval brings us four new stories. These armed citizens defended their family, their friends, and their customers.

  • Episode 244 with Ben Branam

    At home and as you drive, by day and by night, here are four new stories of armed defense. How should you protect the people you love?

  • Episode 220 with Amanda Suffecool

    Can you articulate why a 15 year old needed to be shot. Officer, he had a gun pointed at me and he and several other attackers were threatening to kill me. The great news is that she defended herself without firing a shot.

  • Episode 206 with Andee Reardon O’Brion

    You’re at home in your bedroom when you hear a noise coming down the hall. You turn to see your ex- boyfriend walking through your bedroom door. He threatened you before, and you have a restraining order against him.

  • Episode 196 with David Cole

    Your body follows your mind. You will only do what you’ve considered beforehand. You want to consider when you should act, and when you should let a teenage kid run out of the store without paying for a bag of chips.

  • Episode 194 with Ben Branam

    Tourniquets are easy to use, easy to carry, cheap insurance, if you need one, you really need one! They are easy to use and save lives.