Tag: restraining order

  • Episode 298 with Candy Petticord

    Candy Petticord brings us four new stories of sarmed defense. Some of us are not safe at home.

  • Episode 296 with Tony Simon

    Tony Simon brings us four news stories of armed defense. Are you armed at home at night, and as you go shopping during the day?

  • Episode 249 with Amanda Suffecool

    Here are four new stories of self-defense. These honest gun owners saved lives because they were armed. What should we do in their place?

  • Episode 244 with Ben Branam

    At home and as you drive, by day and by night, here are four new stories of armed defense. How should you protect the people you love?

  • Episode 236 with Ben Branam

    At home, at work, and in public, here are recent examples of armed defense. How should you defend your family and others?

  • Episode 235 with Amanda Suffecool

    Gun owners defend themselves, defend their loved ones, and defend innocent strangers. That gets complicated.

  • Episode 223 with David Cole

    Firearms instructor David Cole brings us four news stories of armed defense.

  • Episode 196 with David Cole

    Your body follows your mind. You will only do what you’ve considered beforehand. You want to consider when you should act, and when you should let a teenage kid run out of the store without paying for a bag of chips.

  • Episode 193 with Amanda Suffecool

    Again, we usually expect an attack to happen at close range. This sounds like the attacker shot from many yards away, and the defender was effective in shooting back. These defenders had to defend at a distance.

  • Episode 156 with Ben Branam

    We're at greater risk outside the home than inside. We’re at greater risk at night than during the day. The most dangerous thing you do is walk across the parking lot from the grocery store back to your car late at night.