Episode 134 with Jeff Street

Rob- Introduction- I’m glad you found us and welcome to episode 134 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.

This podcast is for people who are curious about having a firearm for self-defense, and for those who already own one. I’m your host, Rob Morse. We’re joined this week by self defense instructor Jeff Street.

Jeff Street

Jeff- Hi, Rob.  I’ve been working, and shooting and instructing.

Rob- I’m looking for a bilingual podcaster to make a spanish version of Self-Defense Gun Stories. If you know someone, then please ask them to contact us.  Until then, Jeff, please introduce our podcast to our new listeners in English.

Jeff- These stories of self defense recently happened to real people.  These stories will give you a better understanding of current criminal tactics so that you will be able to recognize danger sooner. We give tips on avoiding and handling the attack and the aftermath.  I really want to help our listeners develop their own skills of analysis.

Our first story took place last week in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Rob- First story-  Are you armed at home in the evening?  

Your husband ran out to buy some groceries for tomorrow’s breakfast. He comes back home at about 9pm. You hear his keys in the lock and then two men run onto the porch and push your husband inside. The attackers are wearing masks and have a gun. Your husband is fighting with them. The attackers shoot your husband. You yell that you’ll get them some money and run to the kitchen. That is where you grab your gun out of a drawer. You shoot the attackers and they run away.

You call for EMTs and the police. You husband is taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. You stay home with your two small children.

Jeff – The robbers were masked and armed. The robbers waited until the door was unlocked, this would effectively defeat any motion detector, lights and the lock. If they had an alarm that was turned on it may have helped.

Rob- Do home invasions happen very often, or is this unusual?

Jeff- When I go out for supplies at night I’m wearing my gun.  My wife also is wearing a gun when i get home.

Rob- This happened in Indiana. You live in Florida, so the answer might be different, but how long did it take to get your carry permit?

Jeff- Her husband was wounded. Shots to the leg can be fatal. I have a tourniquet in my pants pocket. We have full medical kits at home and individual first aid kits in our cars.

Rob- I imagine that when your husband is bleeding on the floor is the wrong time to open the first aid kit and start reading the instructions.

Jeff- Just like a gun, first aid takes training and practice, but we enjoy it.  Also, a gun in a drawer with 2 small children in the home is a not acceptable. Our guns are locked up away from children or on our bodies.

Jeff- What did our defender do correctly?

Jeff- Glad she had a gun.  She shot rather than talked. She didn’t chase the robbers, but stayed and called police.

Rob- What could they have done better?

Jeff- Situational awareness might have helped, but it might not have been enough.

Jeff- It is straightforward to get your carry permits in Indiana. I wish that both of them were armed.

It is better to use your own gun than have to fight your attacker and try to take theirs.

I also wish they both had their firearms carried on their body rather than kept in a drawer.  She might have dashed into the kitchen to shoot from cover, but that way she would have been able to respond much faster.

Rob- Anything else?

Jeff- First aid. Does she have a tourniquet? That is enough for now.

Our second story happened last week in Columbia, South Carolina.

Rob- Second Story- Do you have a firearm near by when you’re asleep at night?

You’re asleep in bed. You’re startled out of your sleep by a loud crashing sound. You grab your gun as you get out of bed. A stranger walks down the hall towards your bedroom. You shoot him. The stranger falls down. You retreat to your bedroom and call police.

Your robber was an escaped convict from a nearby jail. He and his accomplice overpowered two jail guards. He was walking toward your bedroom with a foot long metal sharpening rod he took from your kitchen. EMTs pronounced him dead at the scene.

What do you notice?

Jeff- The loud crash was enough to wake up our victim.  That is good, we want to force the attacker to make noise because that gives us a warning. We want to slow them down so we have time to prepare.  When the glass is replaced i would recommend 3m security film added to all the windows. http://www.goadvantagefilms.com/safety-window-tinting/

The attacker picked up his kitchen tool to use as a weapon. Our defender shot him once in the head.  This resulted in immediate incapacitation of the threat. Being able to do that as you wake up at 3am is evidence of her practicing and knowing what she could accomplish on demand with her firearm. She thought about this situation ahead of time.  She knew what position to get in and how far to shoot from.

Rob- How did she shoot in the dark?

Jeff- This happened very quickly. Our homeowner had her concealed carry permit. I think that make a huge difference. She had a defensive mindset.

Rob- Why do you say that?

Jeff- She had seconds to wake up and defend herself. The only way to do that was to have already considered what to do. I could hear a crash in the middle of the night. I might need my gun. I have to decide if self-defense is justified when an intruder breaks into my home. Should I defend myself and is lethal force necessary? She had all of those decisions made ahead of time, because she had neither the time, now was she in the proper condition to figure it out at 3 in the morning.

She also stopped the intruder with one shot to the head..at night.  I think she practiced.

Rob- Where do students learn all that?

Jeff- Basic class to learn the different types of firearms.

Firearms safety

Rent and shoot.

Concealed carry class

Carry permit

Self defense class

Regular practice.

Our third story happened last week, again in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Rob- First this message from my friends at the Second Amendment Foundation.

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Rob- Third story- Are you armed when you’re making a burger run for your family?

You’re family is hungry late at night, so you said you’d drive to a nearby fast food restaurant and pick up something. It is almost 10 at night, as you’re sitting in the drive through lane waiting to place your order. A stranger walks up to the passenger side of your car. The stranger opens the door, and puts a gun in your face. The robber demands your keys and your wallet. You’re being robbed.

You hit the gas and drive over the curb. You try and close the passenger door by driving next to a few trees.

The robber is now inside your car. You slam to a stop, grab the robber, and drag him out of your car.

You fight with the robber to turn his gun away from you. You draw your gun and shoot your attacker in the arm.

Jeff- As soon as i shut my car door i lock the car.  Then i get the car moving and buckle up in the parking lot.

Someone attempted to car jack me once.  My doors were locked. I was armed. I was able to avoid the carjacking by driving the car away from the attacker.

Drive throughs are scary. Often times there is no way to get your car out  if things go wrong. You are blocked in from all sides. In this instance he had a little room to maneuver the car.  Even though this went sideways our victim did not give up.

Jeff- Wow, lots of things to talk about here.Rob- What do you see?

Jeff- Door was unlocked.

He tried to drive away.

He fought with the attacker rather than running away.

He had a gun.

He used his firearm.

He remained at the scene and spoke to the police.

Rob- What would you tell your students to do?

Jeff- Lock your doors, drive away, escape if you can.

Our forth story took place last week in Fort Worth, Texas.

Rob- Fourth story- Are you armed at work at 4 in the morning?

You’re working at a convenience store. It is early in the morning and people are coming in for their cup of coffee, a breakfast burrito, and a full tank of gas. A customer walks in and demands money. You look again, and the man has a gun pointed at you. You’re being robbed. You draw your gun, shoot your attacker, and move. The robber shoots at you. Your attacker runs from the store. You’re shaking, but you put your gun away and call the police.

The police find your attacker nearby. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He had a criminal record including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, burglary and drug possession.

Jeff- Convenience store clerk Practicing moving while shooting is important.  For very close fast shooting, practicing gun frame aiming is useful. As you are drawing and attempting to get your sights aligned you see the frame of your gun in your peripheral vision and it is aligned on the target so your 1st shot does not need the usual sighted fire.  It’s still sighted fire your just using a cruder sighting system.

Jeff- On body carry. Move and shoot. You might get shot, but you should not depend on mercy from the merciless.

Rob- In most states, you don’t need a permit to carry at work.

Jeff- But you do need training. We show our students different holsters. We demonstrate how they are used to present a firearm. We safely walk our students through it. We correct their mistakes and suggest alternatives as they demonstrate the technique.

Rob- How hard can that be?

Jeff- There are lots of things that might work..eventually. We can show you what we’ve found to be very quick and efficient. Then, we can start to add movement as you draw and shoot.

Rob- That sounds like several classes.

Jeff- It is several building blocks. You have to practice each new skill and refine the older skills.

Exit-  Rob- that wraps up this episode. Jeff, thank you for helping us again. Where can we learn more about you?

Jeff- I’m at Step by Step Gun Training in Naples Florida.  We provide group classes as well as custom training. Leave us a message on the Step by Step Facebook page.

Jeff- We share this podcast with you for free.  All we ask is that you share the podcast with a friend and give us a rating on I-Tunes and Stitcher.  We’re also available on Google Play Music and Spotify.

Rob- Listeners can contact me on the podcast facebook page. This podcast is part of the Self-defense radio network at sdrn.us

I’m Rob Morse.  We’ll be back next week with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

Contact my friend Kevin Creighton for concealed carry license classes in Naples, Florida.

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Episode 68 with Ben Branam

Rob- Introduction- I’m Rob Morse and welcome to episode 68 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  This podcast is for people who think they might want a firearm.. and those who already have one.  We’re joined this week by self-defense instructor Ben Branam.

Hi, Ben.  I know you’ve been instructing in Illinois.

Ben- Hi, Rob.  I got to teach in Illinois with Bob Mayne.

Hi to our new listeners, and welcome back to our regular listeners. We report and analyze three examples of armed civilian defense.  We hope you use these reports as part of your exercise program.. to use your imagination today so you can defend the people you care about tomorrow.  Please leave us a message on our facebook page with your questions or comments.

Ben- Our first story took place last week near Mobile, Alabama.

Rob- First story-  Are you armed at home in the early afternoon? (and here)

You hear a knock at your front door.  You look through the glass side panels and see three people standing outside.  They see you too.  They shoot you with a shotgun.  You step back and reach behind a cabinet.  You grab the handgun you keep there.  You open the door and shoot your attackers striking all three of them as they try to shoot you again.  You’ve met them before.

You’re a veteran of the marine corps.  Some young kids broke into your house last month.  You caught them.  They threatened you if you reported them to the police.  Now they are lying wounded outside your door.  You call police and ask for medical assistance.

Ben- Our second story happened last week in Salt Lake City.

Rob- Second Story-  Are you armed at work in the evening?

You work in a sandwich shop.  It is about 6pm when two man and a woman walk into the store.  One locks the front door, and the others pull out guns.  You see this from the back storage area and you push the door shut to keep them out. The female robber throws her body against the door to get to you.  The door opens a few inches.  You grab your firearm and shoot your attacker around the door.  The other robbers run. You and your co-worker call the police and medical personnel.  Neither of you are hurt.


Ben- Our third story happened last week in Las Vegas

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Rob- Third story- Are you armed when you’re at work?  

You run your own store selling phones and accessories.  It is almost closing time and a strange man walks in.  You’ve seen him on the streets before.  The stranger doesn’t look up, but walks up to the counter and kicks in the glass on the display case.  You walk to the cash register and grab your gun.  The robber looks up and then turns away.  He walks out of your store with his hands in the air.  You don’t shoot.

You took a class last week.  You never had your finger on the trigger because the robber had not threatened your life.


Exit- Rob- That wraps up this episode. Ben, thank you for helping me today.  Where can our listeners learn more about you?

Ben- Our listeners can find me at Modern Self Protection.com.  I live in San Antonio, and most of my classes are in central Texas.  Listeners can see my complete class schedule at my website, and they can also listen to my podcast.

Rob- Our listeners can share their thoughts with us by leaving a message on the podcast facebook page.  

Ben-  If you liked this show, please share it with a friend, and give us a rating on I-Tunes.

Rob- I’m Rob Morse.  We’ll be back next week with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.


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Episode 67 with Elizabeth Hautman

Rob- Introduction- I’m Rob Morse and welcome to episode 67 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  This podcast is for people who think they might want a firearm.. and those who already have one.  We’re joined this week by self-defense instructor Elizabeth Hautman.  Hello, again, Elizabeth.  I know you’ve been busy.


Elizabeth- Lots of teaching..and constitution camp.  Hi to our new listeners, and welcome back to our regular listeners. We report and analyze three examples of armed civilian defense.  We hope you use these reports to exercise your imagination today so you can defend the people you care about tomorrow.  Please leave us a message on our facebook page with your questions or comments.

Rob- One of our listeners sent us a message.  Clayton said, “I think you should consider doing a long episode, maybe 1 out of every 4 or so. You could be more casual and have more conversation with the guest instructor. As a listener, I would love that.”

Rob- Clayton, I’ll ask the instructors.  Some would like it, and some are busy already and I’m lucky to get each minute with them.

Elizabeth- Our first story took place last week in Jacksonville, Florida.

Rob- First story-  Are you armed at home early in the morning?

You’re asleep in your apartment.  Your first sign of trouble is a crash of breaking glass.  Someone is breaking through the window at the back of your apartment..at 6 in the morning.  You keep your gun nearby because you were worried about a break in.  You grab your gun.  You see a man standing in your living room.  He sees you and moves toward you.  You fire three times and the man backs up toward the window.  You back up toward your room.  You grab your phone and call police.

You know your attacker.  He is your ex-boyfriend.  Last year he beat you and strangled you until you passed out.  You bought a gun..and learned how to use it.  You also moved to a new address, but tonight he found you.

Elizabeth- This victim was at a far higher risk than most people.  She recognized that fact and acted, so good for her.  She moved to a new address.  She might have changed jobs.  She also got a gun and learned how to use it.  She had her gun available when she needed it.  That saved her life.

Rob-  I’ve heard that you’re more likely to be involved in a gunfight if you have a gun at home.

Elizabeth- That phrase is designed to scare little old ladies who live in safe situations in the suburbs so they won’t buy a gun.  It isn’t the gun that causes the problems; its us.  We’re not all the same.  Poor people in our inner cities are more likely to be victims than rich people in gated communities.  A victim of domestic violence faces higher risks.  Of course these people are more likely to be attacked.  They choose to have guns in their home because they need one to defend themselves.

Rob- What else did you notice in this story.

Elizabeth-  A reporter wouldn’t mention it, but the victim needs a flashlight.

Rob-  A flashlight?

Elizabeth- You need to see what is going on.  Was this a drunk neighbor that was confused and broke into your house..or was it a serial abuser?  You need to know.  You also have to know how to call the police, but we’ll talk about that in our next story.

Rob- How can we get a gun quickly, but still have it secured when we’re asleep?

Elizabeth- She needed the gun in a hurry.

Lock your doors. She could have had an alarm. Quick access safe. But most of all, she had a plan of action.

Rob- Are you ready to move on?

Elizabeth- Our second story happened last week in Spring, Texas.

Rob- Second Story-  Are you armed when you meet to sell a cell phone?   

You’re selling your phone on Craigslist.  It’s early in the evening when you agree to meet.  You pick a well lit public place to meet the buyer.  You arrive on time, and so does the buyer.  You both get out of your cars.  The buyer has a young man with him.  He asks to see the phone.  You reach for your pocket, and then the young man reaches for his pocket and pulls out a gun..that is soon pointed at you.  They demand your money and your phones.  You put them on the ground and back away.  Then they say they want anything you have in your car.  You walk around your car..and pull your gun from the center console.  You shoot the closest of the two robbers twice in the stomach.  The young thug with a gun runs.  You pick up your phones and call police.  They transport the wounded robber, and arrest the younger gunman as well.  You’re not hurt.

Elizabeth- On body carry

Rob- Is this a texas thing?  You can carry in your car without a permit.  Maybe he didn’t have his license.

Elizabeth-  Get your license.  Yes it is a pain, but do it.  This man could have been killed while his gun was 10 feet away.    The robbers let him go to his car and that saved his life.  He was lucky rather than smart.

Rob- It sounds like he moved to get his car between himself and the robbers.

Elizabeth- That was a good move.   He also acted decisively once he had his gun.  There is a time to talk and a time to use lethal force to defend your life.  Real life isn’t the movies.  Don’t talk when your life is at risk.  That is the time to stop the threat.

Rob- Do your students think that just having a gun will protect them?

Elizabeth- Some start that way..for a while.

Rob- you said you wanted to talk about the phone call.

Juliana- Yes. The victim also called police.  Before you do that, you don’t have to stand next to the victim while you’re holding your gun.  Get to a safe place.  Put your gun away.

Here is a hint about why on-body carry is such a good idea.  You not only have a gun with you, you have a place to put your gun away when you’re done.  Then you make the call so you can identify yourself as the victim.  Location, police and medical help, your name and description.  Practice that.

Rob- Do you have a training partner?

Elizabeth- Our third story happened last week in  Downey, California.


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Rob- Third story- Are you armed at your automobile audio shop in the evening?  

You’re working late at your car audio and alarm store.  Three men enter your shop.  Since people often leave their cars with you, that isn’t much of a surprise.  Two of the men are in their 30’s and one is a little younger.  You’re surprised when all of them draw handguns and say to hand over your money.  You walk toward the cash register, and grab your firearm.  News reports don’t say if your gun is behind the counter or on your body.

You shoot all three robbers..several times.  One of them manages to stumble away.  You retreat to the back of your shop and call police.

The escaping robber begs motorists for a ride to the hospital where he is arrested.  Police tell you the two other robbers died on your shop floor.

Elizabeth-  This man thought about the attack before it happened.  There were other robberies in the area.  He had a plan.  He knew he’d defend himself if he saw a lethal threat.  He did.

Rob- The victim was outnumbered.  How did he survive uninjured?

Elizabeth-  He waited until he saw an advantage and then he acted quickly and violently.  I have to call it violent because he went from looking like a willing victim to a violent defender in a fraction of a second.

Rob- That takes practice.

Elizabeth-  We’re practicing now.  He saw that his life was at risk.  He chose his moment and then he put his plan into place.  His plan was to shoot his attackers and survive.

Rob- It is a simple plan, but it takes some getting used to.

Elizabeth- It really does take some getting used to, but today we have time.  A new gun owner has to get there step by step.  They learn to safely handle a gun.  They learn to shoot accurately.  They learn to shoot quickly.  They learn to carry their gun.  Finally, they learn how to recognize a dangerous situation.  Each one of those is a manageable step.

Rob- So they don’t do it all in a single day in a single class?

Elizabeth- The victim also has to deal with southern California police.  He has to know what to say because every word can be used against him in court.

Rob- It doesn’t say if he had video security in his shop.

Elizabeth- I looked for that too.  That helps you win the second battle.

Rob- What is the second fight?

Elizabeth- You need to prove that you’re a good guy and acted responsibly.  If the evidence is clear enough then you won’t go to court.  Good guys want to be able to show what they did.

Rob- The news article said there were other robberies in the area.  I hope he had the video.

Exit- Rob- That wraps up this episode. Elizabeth, thank you for helping me today.  Where can our listeners learn more about you?

Elizabeth- I instruct in Colorado Springs.  I teach small classes at my private range in Black Forest.  Students can contact me at Colorado Boots Firearms Instruction.

Rob- Our listeners can share their thoughts with us by leaving a message on the podcast facebook page.  

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I’m Rob Morse.  We’ll be back next week with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.


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