Tag: firearms education

  • Episode 340 with Tony Simon

    These armed good guys faced lethal threats at home, at work, and as they drove. What should you do if you were in their place?

  • Episode 318 with Ben Branam

    These armed citizens faced a lethal threat. Some ran, some fought, and some had no choice. What should you do in their place?

  • Episode 252 with David Cole

    Armed defense happens every day. Should you defend strangers at home and in public? There is so much to learn.

  • Episode 234 with Michael Woodland

    Firearms instructor Michael Woodland brings us four new stories of armed defense. These honest citizens were attacked at their homes. How should we defend the people we love?

  • Episode 226 with Michael Woodland

    These four stories start at home, and then take different turns. What should you do to protect the people you love?

  • Episode 207 with Amanda Suffecool

    I was taught to grab the attacker, so that if he moves, I’ll move with him. That response of moving toward a fight is hard to invent if you’ve never thought about it before.

  • Episode 204 with Robyn Sandoval

    Men and women, at home and on the street, these gun owners faced a lethal threat. How will you defend the people you love?

  • Episode 201 with Amanda Suffecool

    We don’t expect to see an armed man shooting at us as we drive down the street. We expect to see someone with a cell phone in his hand, not with a gun pointed at us. I think the biggest thing our defender did correctly is he believed his eyes. Our defender took it seriously.

  • Episode 181 with David Cole

    Consider if your choice of carry gun is appropriate. A 5-shot snub nose revolver might be convenient to carry, but what about in a scenario like this? Five shots versus four attackers is a really tough problem.

  • Episode 175 with Jeff Street

    We’re here to learn. Most gunshot wounds are survivable. The survival rate goes up if we get treated quickly. Do you know how to save your wife’s life, and does she know how to save yours?