Tag: concealed weapon permit

  • Episode 332 with Candy Petticord

    Honest citizens defend themselves with a firearm thousands of times a day. Notice that their gun is their last resort rather than the first.

  • Episode 325 with Candy Petticord

    These honest gun owners faced a lethal threat and defended themselves. This is what we can learn from them.

  • Episode 311 with Amanda Suffecool

    Armed citizens defend themselves every day. We look at four news stories to see what we can learn.

  • Episode 291 with Heather Reeves

    Protecting your family and protecting yourself.

  • Episode 249 with Amanda Suffecool

    Here are four new stories of self-defense. These honest gun owners saved lives because they were armed. What should we do in their place?

  • Episode 221 with Ben Branam

    Here are four news stories of armed defense after dark. Can you defend the people you love?

  • Episode 213 with Ben Branam

    There will be more than 1 robber about half the time.  This one was pretty average, usually an armed robber, a lookout, and a driver. Always assume there is more than you see.

  • Episode 184 with Tony Simon

    These attackers already showed us that they would hurt people. This time they brought a firearm. Maybe they were going to shoot the kid as he ran out of his burning house. I’m glad our defender was armed. He protected himself and his family.

  • Episode 172 with Amanda Suffecool

    These gun owners defended family and co-workers. If you plan to protect other people, then shouldn't they be part of the plan?

  • Episode 161 with Andee Reardon O’Brion

    If I saw a robbery in process, I would get to a safe area and be a good witness. If the robber started to approach me and they pointed guns at me, I would quickly look for cover. It’s a lot harder to shoot someone behind a dumpster or wall.