Tag: concealed handgun license

  • Episode 339 with Robyn Sandoval

    These four gun owners saved lives. Here is what we can learn from their experience.

  • Episode 338 with Andee Reardon

    A firearm work at a distance, but sometimes your attacker is at close quarters. Armed defense is more than concealed carry.

  • Episode 297 with Amanda Suffecool

    Amanda Suffecool brings us four news stories of armed defense. These are stories of everyday heroes, but they sound like a movie script.

  • Episode 278 with Tony Simon

    Tony brings us four news stories of armed defense. These honest gun owners responded to a lethal threat. This is what we can learn.

  • Episode 244 with Ben Branam

    At home and as you drive, by day and by night, here are four new stories of armed defense. How should you protect the people you love?

  • Episode 217 with Tony Simon

    The ex-husband yells that he wants to talk to his wife. Things get heated, and you, the ex wife, and her mom all go outside. The ex husband draws a firearm and starts shooting.

  • Episode 195 with Robyn Sandoval

    Our defender had his firearm on-body and he made the split-second decision to move away from the house so he didn’t draw gunfire towards his wife and kids.

  • Episode 176 with Tony Simon

    Right now you are under the influence of a brain altering chemical called adrenaline. That means you have no idea what happened or what you’re saying.

  • Episode 166 with Elizabeth Hautman

    Everyone drops to the floor when the shooting starts. That means there are a lot of bodies lying on the floor when robber runs away, but you don’t know if they are hurt or injured. Check to see if people need help.

  • Episode 106 with David Cole

    Can you protect yourself at home and at work? Firearms instructor David Cole brings us three news stories of armed civilians who protected themselves.. and those they love. (16 minute audio podcast)