Tag: self defense education

  • Episode 171 with Ben Branam

    I'm so glad this mom was armed. She saved her husband and her daughter.

  • Episode 170 with Tony Simon

    Include your other employees in your security plan. Is there always someone in the store who is armed? Have you and your armed employee trained or practiced together?

  • Episode 153 with Tiffany Johnson

    This story breaks my heart. Four young criminals attacked a family in their home. What should we do?

  • Episode 140 with David Cole

    This podcast is for people who are curious about a firearm, and for those who already own one. These gun owners faced a lethal threat..and they had a plan. What would you do in their situation?

  • Episode 129 with Ben Branam

    What should you if you or your family were attacked at home or at work? Rob and Ben analyze four new examples of armed defense.

  • Episode 132 with David Cole

    Can you protect your family and your co-workers? How about treating the injured until help arrives? We have four new examples of armed defense.

  • Episode 118 with Andee Reardon

    Are you armed at home and at work? Firearms instructor Andee Reardon brings us three new self-defense stories. (13 minute audio podcast)