Tag: Jeff Street

  • Episode 189 with Jeff Street

    Move as you present your firearm. Shoot your attacker until the threat stops. Move to safety. Call the police, and ask all the witnesses to call the police.

  • Episode 182 with Jeff Street

    I want our defender to move. Move as you get out of the car. Move as you present your firearm. Move as you shoot, and then move as you assess to see if you have to shoot some more.

  • Episode 175 with Jeff Street

    We’re here to learn. Most gunshot wounds are survivable. The survival rate goes up if we get treated quickly. Do you know how to save your wife’s life, and does she know how to save yours?

  • Episode 167 with Jeff Street

    We don’t know what an attacker will look like. It sounds like this defender was armed and carrying on his body. He protected his family. He stopped the thereat and then retreated.

  • Episode 160 with Jeff Street

    We trust people we think we know, and sometimes we’re wrong. I’m glad our victim was armed. He waited his turn rather than drawing a firearm as soon as he saw that he was being robbed. He defended himself as he ran. Running makes you a harder target and it also gets you out of trouble.

  • Episode 151 with Jeff Street

    Avoid a gunfight. Jeff and Rob talk about being fast with your mind and slow with a firearm.

  • Episode 143 with Jeff Street

    Are you curious abourt self-defense, or have you already taken training? These gun owners faced a lethal threat. What would you do in their place?

  • Episode 134 with Jeff Street

    Four new stories of civilian self-defense.

  • Episode 126 with Jeff Street

    Are you safe at home? What should you if your family is attacked? We discuss four new examples of armed defense.

  • Episode 117 with Jeff Street

    Are you armed at home and on the street? Can you protect those you love? Firearms instructor Jeff Street brings us three new stories. (13 minute audio podcast)