Episode 182 with Jeff Street

Rob- Introduction- Welcome to episode 182 of Self-Defense Gun Stories. Perhaps you’re well trained, or maybe you’re curious about self defense. I’m Rob Morse and whatever brought you here, I’m glad you found us. We’re joined this week by self-defense instructor Jeff Street. Jeff, we haven’t talked in a few months. What have you been doing?

Jeff- Hi, Rob.  I’ve been teaching and training new students to shoot.

Rob- I’m headed to Ocala on the 8th for a Florida Carry event. I hope to see our listeners there.

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Jeff- We’ll talk about recent examples where gun owners were in a life threatening situation. Were they lucky, or did they have a plan? We give you the links back to the original news article in our show notes. Our first story took place last week in Sanger, California.

Rob- Are you armed at home in the afternoon?

You are home alone. It is after lunch when you hear someone making noise in the center of your house. You walk toward the noise and see a stranger going through your things. You have your California carry license and you’re armed.

You shout for the intruder to stop and put his hands up. He does, and you call the police. After they arrest your attacker, the police tell you that they had arrested your attacker a few hours earlier, but California’s new laws put him back on the street in hours.

Tag- No shots fired.

What did our defender do correctly?

Jeff- Our home owner had a gun. He probably shopped for a gun and holster that fit him, and it sounds like he was armed at home.

Didn’t feel an immediate threat, so didn’t shoot. Called the police.

Rob- What would you like us to do if we hear someone in our home?

Jeff- Some criminals want to burglarize your house when you’re away. Others want to rob you in your home where no one can see what they are doing. You won’t get a warning so the gun that you have locked in your safe probably won’t help you.

Your contact with law enforcement

Rob- Anything else?

Jeff- That is enough for now. Our second story happened in Anderson, Indiana

Rob- Are you armed when you leave your house in the morning?

It is 39 degrees outside before the sun comes up. You’re sitting in the driver’s seat as your car slowly warms up. Before you can drive away, a young man bangs on your window. The stranger has a gun in his hand and he tells you to leave the car running  and get out. You’re armed. You open the door, present your firearm, and shoot your attacker several times. Your attacker runs away. You call the police, but neighbors had already reported shots fired. You tell the police what happened. They find your attacker a block away, and take him to the hospital.

Again, our defender was armed. What else do you notice?

Jeff- Concealed carry. Heavy coat. Presentation with multiple shots. From what we can tell, each shot hit the carjacker. Stopped shooting when the attacker ran away, and didn’t chase the attacker. Stayed at the scene and called the police.

Rob- What would you like us to do?

Jeff- The news report wouldn’t report this, but I want our defender to move. Move as you get out of the car. Move as you present your firearm. Move as you shoot, and then move as you assess to see if you have to shoot some more.

Our third story happened in Cape Coral, Florida.

Rob- First this message from CPRC.

Please support the Crime Prevention Research Center at http://crimeresearch.org/

Rob- Are you armed as you leave a restaurant? And here too.

You’re driving out of a restaurant parking lot after dark. Three women run across the lot and you slow down so you don’t run into them. They shout for help. They run to the side of your truck and beg for you to let them in. You unlock the doors and the three women pile into the front and back of your truck. They are screaming, “go, go, go”. Before you can ask any questions, a strange man reaches into your truck and tries to grab you. You drive onto the street and into traffic to get away from him. You think that all of you are safe now, but a red pickup truck drives past you, pulls in front of you, and backs into your truck. The driver crashes into your truck three times before the bumpers lock together.

You have your florida carry permit. You’re armed. You don’t want the crazy man coming after you again. You get our of your truck and draw your firearm. Your attacker starts to get out of his truck. You shoot into the back of the attacker’s truck. Now your attacker puts his hands up. You order him to the ground and you both wait for police to arrive.

Police take your intoxicated attacker to jail and charge him with four counts of aggravated assault. Your attacker was angry when the women left the bar after the attacker had bought them drinks.

Rob- Jeff, again our defender didn’t have much time to react, and that is our theme for this week. Our good guy had his defensive tools with him, and he needed them right now.

Tag- No shots fired

Jeff- Sometimes we can see an attack coming, and sometimes it happens too quickly. He made a good decision to move to safety. He was attacked and defended himself and other innocent people. He did not shoot his attacker. He made a statement to police.

Rob- Is there anything else you’d like your students to do.

Jeff- Shooting the truck is a problem. Don’t make warning shots. Don’t use a lethal tool when a non-lethal tool is called for. Do you have pepper spray to hose down the driver as he gets out of his car? 

Rob- Tell me more about non-lethal tools?

Jeff- You want a range of solutions. What if a smaller woman walks up and starts hitting you. If food will solve the problem, then you’d rather defend yourself with food than with your fists or with a gun.

Jeff- Our forth story took place in Kearney Park, Mississippi.

Rob-Are you armed at home at night?

You are at home with your roommate. It is after dark when someone starts banging on your front door and shouting. Your roommate’s ex boyfriend is outside. He wants to come in, and your roommate shouts for him to go away.  A few moments later, the ex-boyfriend shoots and shatters the glass door at the back of your home. Your roommate is hit.

You own a gun. You’re carrying inside your home. You shoot the ex-boyfriend, and he runs away. You holster your gun, and call the police and EMTs. You try to help your female roommate. EMTs take your roommate and your attacker to the hospital.

Rob- Jeff I chose our stories this week so our defenders had to react immediately.

 Jeff- In this case, our defender was prepared. It sounds like she was carrying on body. 

Stopped shooting and didn’t chase

Jeff- Call 911 as soon as possible. Most handgun shots are survivable, so have medical supplies and training.

Rob- What should we do when we call the police?

Exit-  Rob- Jeff, that wraps up this episode. Thank you for helping us again. Where can we learn more about you?

Jeff- Find me at Step by Step Gun Training in Naples Florida.  We provide group classes as well as custom training and weekend competition. Leave us a message on the Step by Step Facebook page.

Rob- After you look at Jeff’s articles and his class schedule, then leave us a message on the podcast facebook page.

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I’m Rob Morse.  We’ll be back in a few weeks with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

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