Episode 143 with Jeff Street

Rob- Introduction- I’m glad you found us. Welcome to episode 143 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.

This podcast is for people who are curious about self-defense, and for those who have already taken training. I’m your host, Rob Morse. We’re joined this week by self defense instructor Jeff Street.

Jeff- Hi, Rob.  I’ve been teaching during the week and on the weekends.

John Murphy Lecture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ju5GtzzgLE&list=PLhZ8SRFuOUJY_Cp_gtN7G6R1ZBK_mQyLj

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Jeff- We talk about recent examples where gun owners were in a life threatening situation. Were they lucky, or did they have a plan? What should we do if we were in their place? We also give you the links back to the original news article in our show notes.  Our first story took place last week in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Rob- First story-  Are you armed as you work behind the counter?

It is after 11 at night. You’re working at a convenience store in town. You look up to see a man standing at the counter. Instead of dropping some chips and some change on the counter, he sets down a handgun and tells you to hand over your cash. You step behind the register and open the cash drawer. You set the drawer on the counter and step aside. When the robber reaches for the cash, you reach down to grab your gun from behind the counter. You shoot him. He is out the door before you can shoot him again.

You’re not hurt, but you are frightened. You call the police. They look at your security video and find your attacker outside.

Jeff, what did your defender do correctly?

Jeff- Sometimes we just have to wait until the time is right or we have an advantage this would be an example of tactical patience.

With Tactical Patience you wait until the attacker is distracted.  

Sometimes we can do something before or during our draw to distract our attacker. This would be an example of earning your draw. You are more likely to be able to earn your draw if you are wearing your gun than if it is stored somewhere else.

I have seen a surveillance video of a convenience store clerk who had a gun near the register. When the robber presented his firearm she immediately grabbed her gun and shot him.  At the same time the robber shot her.

In other instances when the clerk had the gun on body and easily accessible, the clerk moved while drawing and shot the robber.  The clerk did not get shot. This is an example of a shooting. If we’re threatened, we want to be in a shooting, not in a gunfight.   We want to wait until we get a turn and our attacker won’t.

Rob- When do you talk to your students about that?

Jeff- Our CCWL course is like drinking from the fire hose we go over elements of this in all of our classes.

Rob- What else did our defender do correctly?

Jeff- call the police.

Rob- I’ve read news stories like this before.

Jeff- Convenience store-gas stations are often robbed late at night. I’m glad this clerk was armed because he has a dangerous job. One convenience store chain said all of its clerks were armed or had armed guards in their stores.

Rob- What should we tell our students to do in a situation like this?

Jeff- On body carry. Not having the gun on body and easily accessible is a mistake.  What if this took place while the clerk was in another part of the store away from the stowed gun.

If you’re sure the robber ran away, then lock the door before you call the police.  Also, it would be smart to have a simple trauma kit in the store.

Rob- Anything else?

Jeff- That is enough for now. Our second story happened last week in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Rob- Second Story-  Are you armed at home?

You’re sitting inside your house and about to prepare dinner. You’ve surveillance system beeps at you as it notices some movement outside. You look up at the video monitor to see three men with guns standing in your driveway. You get your gun and back away from the front door. The front door breaks in with a crash. You shoot at the first man standing in your home. All three intruders run away.

Jeff, what do you see?

Jeff- Good preparation. Cameras with video recording. Motion detection. And best of all, he turned it on!  His Truck made a good backstop.

Jeff- He had a defensive tool nearby. Better if he had his gun on his body. His gun would have been out of reach if he’d been near the other end of the house when his alarm sounded.

Rob- What would you like our students to do in this situation?

Jeff- With just a small cost of time and money he could have hardened his door with longer screws and a longer throw deadbolt lock.

Jeff- Our defender needs some practice at the range. I particularly want him to practice shooting from a position of cover. Don’t stand in the middle of your home and get in a gunfight.

Rob- What else did you notice?

Jeff- Our third story happened last week in Mims, Florida.

Rob- First this message.

Please support the Crime Prevention Research Center at http://crimeresearch.org/

Rob- Third story- Do you have a gun nearby when you’re asleep in the afternoon?

Did you hear a scream? You sit up and wonder if you imagined it all. Your mom screams again and you jump into action. You grab your gun just before a stranger opens your bedroom door. The stranger has a gun in his hand. You shoot him, and the stranger runs away. You follow him, and turn toward your mom’s bedroom. A stranger has a gun to her head. You shoot her attacker. The attacker drops the gun, and you and your mom run to another room and call police.

You come out of your back room when the police arrive. They find both attackers nearby.

Jeff- Great job. I think this family had a plan because there was no time to think about what to do..particularly when you’ve just been dragged out of a deep sleep. Our defender didn’t stay in denial. Shot has attacker and saved his mom.

Rob- We have a lot of stories where people are attacked at night. In this case the person was asleep during the day. That puts us at a significant disadvantage compared to our attacker because they have a plan and we’re half-asleep trying to figure out what is happening.

Jeff- I wish that both mom and son had been armed.

Rob- Do you get many couples in your classes?

Jeff- We get couples and entire families. Teens can’t carry, but they can know self-defense.  Some of the teenagers take our concealed carry class. That means everyone in the family is on the same page .

Rob- What else?

Jeff- In this case, the young man used his firearm. In another case, it could be the adult with a firearm and it is a great advantage to have your teenager make the call to police. Call police. Call your lawyer.

Jeff- Our forth story took place last week in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Rob- Fourth story- Are you armed when get out of your car after work?

It is early saturday morning. You’re done with work after working late. You stop at a friends house. Two men approach you as you step out of your car. They spray you with pepper spray and tell you to hand over your money. They hit you in the head with their guns. You cover your face and say sure, take it. You reach down for your pockets. You grab your gun and shoot the nearest attacker. Both men run away.

Now you stumble back toward your car and call police. The police arrest one of your attackers and the girlfriend of the man you shot. She planned the attack and put their bb gun into the trash to hide the evidence. One of your attackers died, and both of the survivors are charged with murder.

Jeff- I’m glad he had his gun on him.

Rob- Not a lot of time to go home and get your gun.

Jeff- one of the attackers knew CPR. I want everyone to know first aid, even the criminals.

Jeff- Our defender was able to defend his life after having been pepper sprayed and hit in the head with a metal object.  He earned his draw by pretending to get cash. Robbers tell you to put your hands by your waist to get something, OK, I’m going to get something just not what the robber expected.

Rob- We’re earning our draw again.

Jeff- This looked like a live or die situation. He bent over to hide his movements. That meant he got to shoot before his attacker realized what was happening.

Rob- What else did you notice.

Jeff- We can’t tell real guns from fake or toy guns. (kids class)

Good that he called the police right away. Glad he stayed on the scene.

Rob- Why is that?

Jeff- A number of people might have turned when they heard the shot. You want to call the police and describe yourself as the good guy before they call and describe you as a murderer.

Exit- Rob- that wraps up this episode. Jeff, thank you for helping us again. Where can we learn more about you?

Jeff- You can find me Step by Step Gun Training in Naples Florida.  We provide group classes as well as custom training. Leave us a message on the Step by Step Facebook page.

Rob- After you look at Jeff facebook page, then leave us a message on the podcast facebook page.

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Rob- This podcast is part of the Self-defense radio network at sdrn.us. I’m Rob Morse. We’ll be back next week with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

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