Episode 111 with Amanda Suffecool

Rob- Introduction- Welcome to episode 111 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  This podcast is for people who might want a gun for self-defense, and for those who already have one.  I’m your host, Rob Morse. We have firearms instructor Amanda Suffecool with us as co-host.

Hi, Amanda.  How have you been?

Amanda- Hi, Rob.  I’ve been busy training and building houses.   We have held a woman’s day on the range this past weekend,  and I have just been asked to speak at the Heller-ten event in DC on the 10th anniversary of the Heller vs DC decision.    So – as they say, what have you been up to… nothing much. What about you – Rob

Rob- I practiced at the range, and received an order of ammunition for a training class I’m taking. Please introduce our podcast to our new listeners.

Amanda- We study three recent examples of armed defense.  These gun owners survived a life threatening situation because they were armed. What should we do in their place?

Our first story took place last week in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Here’s what happened.

Rob- First story-  Are you armed at a restaurant?  

You walk out of a restaurant when you hear shots coming from inside. The restaurant is posted as a gun-free zone, so you left your gun in your car. You run back and grab your handgun. You see people streaming out of the building and you work your way upstream looking for the problem. You see injured people lying on the ground. You shout asking, “Where is the shooter,” and people point out the side door. You follow them.

You see a man standing in the parking lot with a gun in his hands. You yell for him to drop the gun. He turns toward you and fires. You shoot back. The attacker drops to the ground. You look around and see another civilian with a gun pointed at the attacker. You nod to him and step back.

Then you remember that your holser is in your car. You stay at the scene. Police arrive a few minutes later.

Amanda- had a gun (wasn’t on him, but he had one.) This is why gun free zones are such an issue with pro 2A folks

Amanda- The defender took a risk – one that you would want someone to do if you were one of the injured,  but one that is a concern on its own. He ran toward the problem

Amanda- More than one defender. When the first defender stopped shooting, the second defender lowered his gun. They were both reticent to shoot, and that is exactly the attitude we want.

Amanda- Our second story happened last week in Worcester, (woo’-ster) Massachusetts.

Rob- Second Story-  Are you armed at work?   

You’re working behind the counter at a small market. It is 8:40 in the evening. You hear a lady scream and look up. A man is standing behind the woman and has a knife at her throat. The attacker says this is a robbery. You see the fear in the woman’s face and put your hand on your gun. The woman drops to the ground. You draw and shoot the attacker three times. He runs from the store and you call police.

The police arrest the attacker outside your store.

Amanda- He didn’t wait until the man with the knife was close to him.  But at the same time – it’s was obvious that the guy with a knife was a threat.  

Amanda- This clerk honored the witnesses. He defended an innocent person..and then stopped shooting.

Amanda- Our third story happened last week in Nashville, Tennessee.

SAF Training

Rob- Third story- Are you armed at home?  

It is almost 11 at night. You hear a car horn and hear your mom yell from the front of your home. She is driving behind your home and still honking her car horn. You grab your gun and open the back door. You see a man pointing a gun at your mom. He points his gun at you and fires. You shoot back. The robbers run and you call police.

Police said the teens may have been involved in two other overnight armed robberies.

Amanda- In all three cases, the defenders were involved while defending a third party of a family member.

Rob- It happens.

Amanda- It happens, and we have to think about it ahead of time.

Amanda- The first rule of a gun fight is have a gun. Our defender did not have time to go outside, assess the situation, and then go get his gun. He had his tools on him.

Rob- and he used them.

Amanda- Unfortunately, he missed. 11 at night, low light, hard to see the sights. Perhaps its the length of the shot – a shot from your back door to the parking lot.

Rob- Do you teach that to your students?

Exit-  Rob- That wraps up this episode. Amanda, thank you for helping us today.  Where can we learn more about you?

Amanda- You can find me at eye on the target radio radio. I have two radio programs and I instruct on the weekends.

Rob- Thank you for inviting me on your show, Amanda. It is a call in show so you can talk to her on Sunday evening.

Rob- You can share your thoughts with us by leaving a message on the podcast facebook page.  

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Rob- I’m Rob Morse.  We’ll be back in two weeks with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.


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