Episode 13 with Amber Kunau

cropped-SelfDefenseGunStories_Header_v2-2.jpgIntroduction- Welcome to episode 13 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  I’m Rob Morse with self-defense instructor and competitor Amber Kunau.  Welcome back, Amber.

Amber- Hi, Rob. We report and analyze examples of armed civilian defense each week.  Our first example took place last week in Tennessee.

Rob First story-  What would you do?  Imagine you are a young couple.  You arrive home and the windows are broken.  You enter your home with your guns drawn and find an armed intruder in your closet.  The intruder has his gun pointed at you.  The intruder says he will shoot you unless you drop your guns.  That is the real situation faced by a young couple in Athens, Tennessee.  The couple recognized the intruder as the 20 year old who lived next door.  The couple backed out of the house with their guns drawn, and called police.  The intruder took his own life while talking with police.


Rob Second Story-  Their house had been robbed before.  11 year old Chris Gaither was home alone Wednesday morning when his heard someone break into his home.  Chris grabbed his father’s 9 millimeter handgun.  Chris told the intruder to get out, but the intruder said he would kill Chris and that Chris should get out of the house.

Perhaps the robber didn’t think Chris’s gun was real.  Perhaps the robber didn’t think Chris knew how to use it.  Chris’s step dad had taught Chris how to shoot.  The intruder found out the gun was real when Chris shot the intruder in the leg.  Police arrived and took the thief to an area hospital.


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Point Blank Range

Rob Third story-  An 80 year old man stopped a three person crime spree.  Fortunately, the old man was armed, but what would you expect since this happened in West Virginia.  Hours earlier, two of the masked thugs held a 31 year old man at gunpoint.  They beat the victim’s face with the gun and also kicked him in the head when he fell.  They took his cellphone.  That victim is still in the hospital.

Within hours, the two thugs had a female accomplice.  The young woman knocked on the old man’s door and said she needed help and needed to use his phone.  The two young thugs pushed into the home after the old man opened the door.  They held the old man at gunpoint.

The old man was armed and shot both of the intruders.  One ran from the home and died at the scene.  The second thug was shot in the leg.  He was arrested by police and taken to a local hospital for treatment.  The female accomplice was also arrested.


Rob Exit- That wraps up this episode. Amber, where can our listeners find out more about you?

Amber Kunau- They can contact me Instructor Amber K on Facebook.

Rob- That reminds me.  Please give us a review on Itunes.  I’m Rob Morse.  Please join us next week for more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

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2 Replies to “Episode 13 with Amber Kunau”

  1. An appreciative listener

    Rob, great show but in the second half, you continually referred to an older subject as “the old man,” and “the old man,” and “the old man,” and “the old man” — again and again. Guest Amber referred to him more respectfully as “elderly.” Nothing in the older man’s behavior struck me as deserving your brusque and insensitive terminology. People live to advanced ages these days. Such a gallant, courtly manner you have, and yet you managed to undermine it with insensitive, repetitive language. You appear to be quite young. Older listeners may wish to be respected here. Thanks for hearing me out!

    • admin

      I’m an old man. No offense intended. I hope none taken. I’ll use a better description next time.
      Thank you for the tip.

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