Episode 242 with Amanda Suffecool

Rob- Introduction- Welcome to episode 242 of Self-Defense Gun Stories. We’re glad you found us if you’re well trained.. and also if you are new to self defense. I’m Rob Morse and we’re joined this week by my friend and firearms instructor Amanda Suffecool. Amanda, I feel tired just reading about all the things you’re doing.

Firearms instructor Amanda Suffecool

Amanda- Hi, Rob.  I’ve been putting together a concealed carry fashion show – a BIG one, for NRAAM in Houston.  Working on a new podcast that features DCProject gals ( to come out this month) titled Women for Gun Rights.  And the general shooting, carrying and training.  

Rob- I know you were at a FASTER class where they teach volunteer school staff to protect students. Thank you for that.

We received new ratings and reviews on iTunes. Also, a listener left us a message on the podcast web page. Robbie commented on our episode that featured parents defending their children. He said,

I’m a Dad and know my first reaction would be to engage the pervert at my child’s window, but that is probably not the best decision from a strict, legal self-defense standpoint. Also, the story about the 12 year old was spot on. My wife and I are too trusting and commonly open our door to strangers. We should make new habits.

Amanda- Here in the US, we defend ourselves with a firearm tens of thousands of times each week. We’ll look at a few recent examples and see what we can learn. We give you the links back to the original news articles on our podcast webpage.

Our first story took place last week in Modesto, California

Rob- First story- Are you armed as you drive?

Your home alarm gives you a call. You go home to find an intruder inside your house. To your surprise, the intruder is armed, and he shoots at you as you walk through your home. To the intruder’s surprise, you’re armed too. You shoot back as you leave your house. You move away and call 911. Police find your intruder still in the home, and unresponsive. EMS declares him dead at the scene.

You give a statement to the police. The police say the home intruder was using a stolen gun when he shot at you. You are not charged.

Amanda-  Wow, so good for this good guy.  This story ends so differently from another this week where a man in Harris County Texas rushes home and is killed on the doorstep by the intruders.   

Rob- Security systems are getting better, so we can often tell if an intruder is in the home when we arrive.

Amanda-  your warning does not really tell what is going on, so surprise, you walk in your house, and there is an ARMED stranger there.   Great reason to POGO – Pants on-gun on 

Rob-  What else do you see?

Amanda-  Good thing our good guy has obviously practiced drawing from his holster,  has had a mental checklist of what to do, and he did not freeze when the time came to act. 

Rob- He didn’t have very long to react once the bad guys started shooting.

Amanda-  Remember when holster shopping,  many people buy their first one based on price,  their second one based on comfort.  It needs to be comfortable, concealable and accessible.

Rob- What do you want your students to do when they face a situation like this one with a probable intruder in their home?

Amanda- Stress inoculation, practice practice, and plan.

Rob- Anything else?

Amanda- I’ve got to save something for the other stories. Our second story happened in Chicago, Illinois.

Rob- Second Story- Are you armed in public?

You are walking down the street after 10 pm. You see a man stop in front of an alleyway and draw a firearm. He shoots at three unarmed people standing in the alley. You hear them scream and the murderer keeps shooting.

You have your Illinois Firearms owners Identification card. You own a gun. You also have your Illinois concealed carry license, and you’re armed tonight. You draw your firearm and shoot the attacker. You hit him in the elbow and the hip. He drops his gun and falls to the ground. You call 911 and ask for help.

EMS said one of the victims died at the scene from a head wound. The other two victims and the murderer were taken to the hospital. You give a statement to the police. Another witness corroborates your story. You’re not charged, nor name in the newspapers.

Amanda- Armed. Recognized the situation. Shot in a low light situation and put critical shots on the murderer to stop the attack. Our defender stopped shooting. Called for help.

Rob- How did an average guy do such an outstanding job of stopping a murderer?

Amanda-  Once you get over the “am i seeing what I think I am seeing” it’s time to act.   I recently took a FASTER class with active shooter scenarios and man, you are struggling to take it all in fast enough to process what is really happening in front of you. 

Rob- Been there. Felt that way too.

Amanda- Over a hundred people were shot in Chicago that same weekend. The police can not protect us, so we have to protect ourselves.

Rob- When do your students learn to protect themselves and their families in public?

Amanda-  The key to personal defense is to have the tool,  be aware and take action when action is called for.   But remember – you have to quickly determine what is happening and if a private citizen should jump in to help someone else.  If you shoot the good guy by mistake you will be charged.  So can you in seconds, determine who is good and who is bad.  And bet your fortune on it. 

Rob- Our defender did his homework so he didn’t stand there with his mouth open saying, ‘Wow, look at that.’

Amanda- Our third story happened near Saint Louis, Missouri.

Rob- First this message from my friends at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.


Rob- Third story- Do you have a firearm nearby when you’re asleep at home?

You’ve been robbed before. This time you have a security system and a video cameras for your house and for your yard. Your alarm system goes off at 1am. You see people tearing into your truck..again. You grab your gun and go outside.

The thieves run when they see you. They are off your property when they turn to shoot at you. That is when you shoot back. The robbers keep running and you call the police.

The police said there were three robbers in this crew, and yours was the 12th car they’d hit this morning. You are not charged.

Amanda- Do you see that! What did I tell you about having cameras!

He was armed. He defended himself. Now, let’s make it so you don’t get shot at first.

Rob- I wish we didn’t have to defend our “stuff”, but sometimes we have to. We are the only ones who will stop crime when the police, prosecutors, or judges won’t. What is best practice?

Amanda- Put a box around it if you want to keep it. If you can’t box it, then maybe  you should sell it because you can’t protect it.

Rob- What else do you want your students to do?

Amanda-  AND research in your state if you can use a gun to defend property.   In many you cannot.  On the other hand, when they shoot at you, the game changes. 

Rob- When do you talk to your students about defense at home?

Amanda-  Be cautious.  My state is one where you can use a gun to defend life, but not property.  Even Pets.   And then in this scenario its dark.  Who is it, what are they doing? Can you clearly see?   Are your home lights set up to HELP YOU see, or to light up your house to help your neighbors see your house? 

Rob- Let’s see here. Low light. Use of cover and concealment. I didn’t learn that in my first firearms course on gun safety.

Amanda- There are many things you don’t learn in your first, or second gun safety class.  If you are carrying, you should commit to taking a class a year from different instructors.  You will learn different things from each.

Amanda- Our last story took place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Rob- Fourth story- Are you armed at work?

It is the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. You’re talking with a customer when another man comes into your mamajuana dispensary. This stranger starts yelling. He starts hitting your display cases. He has a knife in each hand and he shatters another display case and says give me the money. The customer near you backs away as the robber moves toward you.

You’re armed. You present your firearm and shoot your attacker. You back up and call 911.  Police take a statement from you. EMS takes your attacker to the hospital in critical but stable condition. You show the police the security videos. You’re not charged.

Amanda- Armed. Waited until he faced an immediate, lethal and unavoidable threat. Stopped when…, called. Customers.

Rob- That is so much to do correctly when your heart has to be in your throat.

Amanda- You know you have a dangerous job when they put bars on the windows. Dispensaries have cash and drugs, and those are two things that criminals want. A lot. That is why I want you to have a plan.

Lock the doors, ask everyone in the store if they are OK, and then have them call 911. Get your staff and your customers away from the attacker. If you have a dangerous job, like running a taco stand in Los Angeles, then a video system will pay for itself ten fold by reducing your lawyer’s bills.

Rob- When do you talk to your students about defending themselves at work?

Amanda-  Work where you CAN defend yourself.   Seriously, no job is worth your life.  If you are working in a sketchy safety zone, have a plan.  It’s your life, protect it.

Rob- How easy is it to learn to draw from concealment and use cover?

Amanda- That is the easy part, but it takes a number of small steps. Learn to own a gun, like loading, unloading, and shooting at the range. Learn to carry your gun at a concealed carry class. Learn the laws in your state. Now we can talk about the details of defending you, your co-workers, and your customers at work.

Exit-  Rob- that wraps up this episode. Amanda, thank you for helping us again. Where can we learn more about you?

Amanda- My nationally syndicated radio show is eye on the target radio. Call in and talk with us Sunday nights from 5 to 7 eastern time. I instruct on the weekends in Northeastern Ohio. I’m also part of the DCProject. Find us at DCProject.info

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I’m Rob Morse.  I hope we’ll be back next week with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

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  1. BigE

    Rob, first story, man goes into his home and gets shot at and returns fire. Maybe you should have suggested to call the cops and let them clear the house for you. I think this was a important point to not suggest.

    Love the show!


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