Episode 30 with Ben Branam

Introduction- Rob- We’re back with episode 30 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  This podcast is now part of the Self-Defense Radio Network.  I’m Rob Morse and I’m joined this week by my friend and self-defense instructor Ben Branam.

Ben Branam

Ben- Hi, Rob.  Hi to our new listeners, and welcome back to our regular listeners. Together, we report and analyze examples of armed civilian defense.  We inform you about the news, and I hope we inspire you to defend the people you love.  Our first story took place last month in Georgia.

Rob- first story-  Are you armed at home? There was a long running police record of trouble between the homeowner’s daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend.  This time the trouble escalated just before 8 pm.  The ex- boyfriend was visiting the home located just outside Savannah.  The couple argued.  The ex-boyfriend struck the daughter on the side and on the head.  The homeowner tried to stop him and was pushed to the ground.  The boyfriend broke the homeowner’s phone as she tried to call police.  The daughter ran to her mother’s bedroom.  The boyfriend followed and threatened the daughter with a carpet knife.  He later tried to cut her.  The homeowner secured her firearm from a drawer and shot the attacker once.  That ended the attacks.  The homeowner then successfully called police.

Ben- Gun on her person.  Immediate harm. Sever threat. Lethal intent.  You need to establish your own security before calling the police.

Rob- Do restraining orders work?

Ben- Cut ties and ask everyone for help.

Rob- I wonder if the ex-boyfriend would have attacked the women if they were both armed.

Ben- Our second story took place last month in Pennsylvania.

Second Story-  Should you open the door to strangers?  A homeowner in Reade township heard a loud knock at his door at 10:30 pm.  A stranger on his front porch said he needed help because of an accident with an off road vehicle.  The homeowner cracked the door open and handed the stranger his cell phone.  The stranger pushed the door open and attacked the homeowner.  The homeowner was on his back when he un-holstered his handgun and shot his attacker.  The homeowner then called police.  The police took all the homeowner’s firearms.  The police are continuing their investigation.  There was another person in the home, but reports are unclear if they saw the incident.

Ben- It isn’t clear why the police pursued the investigation.  Don’t you wish you had surveillance video to prove your innocence?  It is going to cost the homeowner tens  of thousands of dollars to clear himself.

Rob- I’m glad the homeowner was armed.  What should he have done differently?

Ben- Offer to call for them, but don’t open the door.  

Our third story took place in Tennessee.

SAF orgThe Second Amendment Foundation SAF.org  https://www.saf.org/

Third story-  Are you armed at work?  A clerk was working at a small convenience store outside Knoxville.  The clerk saw a man in a ski mask walk up to the customer waiting in line to pay for her purchases.  The masked man drew a knife and held the knife against the woman’s throat.  He then demanded the money from the cash register.  The robber was holding the woman as a hostage.

The clerk drew his firearm and pointed it at the robber.  The robber backed up and used the female customer as a shield.  The robber ran from the scene on foot.  The customer was upset but not physically injured.  The clerk called the police.

Ben- An intruder wearing a mask in the summertime is a pretty good clue that something has gone wrong.

Exit-  Rob- That wraps up this episode. Thank you, Ben, for helping me today.  Where can our listeners learn more about you?

Ben-  I live in San Antonio, Texas.  I do some traveling as I teach classes, but most of them are in the San Antonio area.  Our listeners can contact me at Modern Self Protection .com  to see my class schedule and my podcast.

Rob- Our listeners can share their thoughts with us by leaving a message on the podcast facebook page.  

Ben- If these examples inspired you, then please share them with a friend and give us a rating on I-Tunes.

I’m Rob Morse.  Please join us next week for more Self-Defense Gun Stories.
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