Episode 4 with Ben Branam

Introduction- Welcome to episode 4 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  I’m Rob Morse with instructor and podcaster Ben Branam.  Together, we report and analyze examples of armed civilian defense each week. Hi, Ben.

Ben- Hi, Rob. Our first example took place last month in Birmingham, Alabama.

1- Home invasion Birmingham Alabama  An 8 year old boy named DJ arrived home a few minutes early from school.  DJ let himself in the house.  A few minutes later, DJ heard three young men trying to get in the house through the front door.  DJ ran upstairs.  He also hid under his bed, called his dad, and called police.  DJ’s dad usually meets him when he comes home from school, so his dad was already on the way home when he got the call.  The father was already armed when he arrived home.  The homeowner found three young men in their 20’s inside his home.  He shot one of them and the other two escaped.  Police arrived moments later.

Chief Deputy Randy Christian said “ There are.. activities in this life that increase your chances of losing yours. Kicking in a door and entering someone’s home with criminal intent is one of them. Thank God this little boy and his dad are ok.”  The couple lived in the home for 10 years.  Now their son wants to move.

Ben comments-

2- Woman attacked at Detroit GM office  In this story, a man broke the rules.. and saved a life.  Didarul Sarder works for a limousine service.  He was working outside the General Motor’s Vehicle Engineering Center in Detroit.  A young woman visited the company and asked to speak with her mom who worked at the plant.

The two women argued, and the young woman stabbed her mother several times.  Other people looked on, but the limousine driver, Didarul Sarder stepped in.  He is licensed to carry a firearm in Michigan.  He was carrying that day.  He drew his personal firearm and told the young woman to stop.  She did.  Medical personnel took the injured woman to the hospital.  Police took the attacker to jail.  The limousine driver was fired for breaking company policy and bringing a firearm on company property.

There was no armed security protecting people as they went to their cars, entered cabs, or took limousines to the airport.  There was only a plastic sign, and that wasn’t enough.

Ben-  The limousine driver was re-hired, but there is a larger issue than his job.  The driver takes strangers to dangerous places at night.  He decided to protect himself.  He did it legally and got his carry license.  The limousine service and GM have their own rules.  You can’t please everyone, but you can do the right thing.. and in this case, save a life.

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Realtor meets thieves in an unoccupied  home.  A realtor in Nashville, Tennessee was looking for a home to buy.  He and his wife entered this newly built home.. to find out that they were not alone.  Two men had pried open the back door and were ransacking the upstairs.  

The realtor put his hand on his gun, but did not draw it.  That was when a thief with gang tattoos on his neck and hands came down stairs.  They made small talk and said they were going to look at the back yard.

That is where the realtor called police.  The two thieves had left by the time police arrived.  The officer said that many of the new homes had been broken into.

Exit- Ben Branam, where can our listeners find out more about you?

Ben- They can contact me at Modern Self Protection .com  to see my class schedule and my podcast.

Rob- Thanks, Ben.  Join us next week for more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

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