Episode 46 with Robyn Street

Introduction- Rob- Welcome to episode 46 of Self-Defense Gun Stories where we talk to people who think they might want a gun for self-defense.  I’m Rob Morse and we’re joined this week by self-defense instructor Robyn Street.  How have you been, Robyn?

Robyn – Hi, Rob.  We have been very busy with classes and range events. We have a night shoot coming up.  This gives our students a chance to train in daylight, twilight and in the dark.  It is important to prepare for any lighting situation. We are conducting training classes prior to the event to prepare the students.  We are using blue guns to teach them the skills that they will need. This  training allows them to learn the skills, practice dry fire at home, participate in supervised drills and scenarios at the range. Great opportunity.

Hi to our new listeners, and welcome back to our regular listeners from the Self-Defense Radio Network.  We report and analyze three examples of armed civilian defense each week.  I hope we inspire you to defend the people you care about.  If you have questions or want to hear more, then please leave us a message on our facebook page.

Our first story took place this month in Georgia.

Rob- First story-  Are you armed at work?  A convenience store clerk saw two men walk into his store at 3:30 in the morning.  Even at that early hour on a weekday, there were 5 people playing video games in the back of the store in Cartersville, Georgia.  The two visitors were wearing masks and carrying guns.  The clerk’s name was James, and he ran back to the office room behind the counter.  This room has a solid door and is where most stores keep and count their money.  The robbers were right behind him.  As James tried to close the door, the robbers struggled to push it open.

James reached around the door and shot the closest robber.  The robbers fired back as they ran.  The wounded robber was left behind by his two partners.  The robber died by the time police arrived.

Robyn – Avoid gas stations after dark or in sketchy areas (tank management)  

Rob- James stopped mass murder. (6 potential victims.)

Robyn – 5 people playing video games at 3:30 am.  Distracted!.

Robyn – Training video – run, hide, fight.  James did just that.  Glad James planned ahead for the fight and had a firearm.  Previsualization – had a plan.

Rob- James had a lot to think about, and probably more to handle than he could think about at the time.

Robyn – Situational awareness gains time to retreat and to get the response plans started.

Robyn – retreat to back room might be a good idea – less likely to hurt what you can’t see.  Construction of “safe room” is important.  Quality, construction materials, contents

Robyn – when I see the clerks encased behind the bulletproof glass I think good for them, how bad is this neighborhood and how quickly can I get out of here.

Robyn – James did not get to room quick enough to get the door shut and secured.  Two armed men within a foot of each other staring eye-to-eye.  Depending on the construction of the door either one could have shot through the door.  

Robyn – James reaching around the door.  How secure was his grip? Potentially disarmed.

Rob- And James faced three attackers.

Robyn – James defended his life so good for him.

Robyn – After the event was over there were a few problems.

Robyn – Don’t try to count the shots.  Leave details for the investigators.

Robyn – Don’t get interviewed by reporters.

Robyn – Save your statement for your lawyer.  Be prepared to give a statement to the police after you have had an appropriate amount of time.  Police have time (around 48 hours) for a sleep cycle and to dump all the additional adrenaline.  Be prepared for effects of stress and adrenaline on the body.    

Robyn –  Since he was carrying a firearm for self-defense, I hope that he is a member of an organization like the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

Robyn – Important to prepare for the physical battle and the potential legal battle.  We are hosting Andrew Branca again this year.  Law of Self Defense seminar.

Robyn – Our second story took place in Texas.

Second Story-  Are you armed at home?  A homeowner was in the back of his house at about 7:30 on christmas morning.  He heard an unusual sound of a door closing.  It is an ordinary sound, but this homeowner lives alone, and santa uses the chimney.  The homeowner grabbed his gun and opened the door to his bedroom.  That is when the homeowner saw a stranger wearing a santa hat.  The homeowner raised his gun and santa ran out the garage door, the way he’d entered.  Police found the intruder nearby.

Robyn – Probably the last thing he expected at 7:30 in the morning on Christmas.

Rob- How many gun owners have an unloaded gun and think they are protected.  

Robyn- If that is how you store your gun, then I want you to time yourself.  How long does it take to lock your door, get your gun, your ammunition, and load your weapon?  Let us know, and we’ll post the times on this podcast.  I bet it takes you over a minute.

Robyn – Shame on him for leaving his garage open.  Make your home a hard target that is not worth the risk or effort.

Robyn – Homeowner was prepared.  He had a firearm to protect himself.

Robyn – Homeowner stayed in control.  He evaluated the intruder and decided to give verbal command to get out of his house.  It worked so no shots were fired.  He let the police do their job.

Robyn- Our third story took place in Alabama, but first we have a message from the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

Become a member of ACLDN and use the promotion code “Paul” at https://armedcitizensnetwork.org/


Third story- Do you carry a firearm with you when you’re driving you car and need to stop for gasoline?  

A man stopped to get gas in Heflin, Alabama.  The customer paid for his purchase inside the store and was walking out when he ran into an unavoidable problem.  It was about 11 at night, and there stood a man dressed in black from head to toe and wearing a mask.  Then the man in black pulled a gun and said “Don’t leave, stay where you’re at or I’ll kill you guys.”  This was a robbery.

The customer was armed.  He drew his own firearm and shot at the robber twice.  The robber drove off.  The armed customer followed him outside.  The robber drove toward the armed customer, and the customer shot at the car.

Robyn – Back at a gas station at night.

Robyn – Police said that the armed robbers watched the establishment from a parked car.  If you see something that concerns you call the police.  Situational awareness, evaluation and decision making are all important.

Robyn – Compliance does not guarantee safety.

Robyn – Customer tried to get away told to stay or would be killed.  He had fulfilled the elements to be justified to defend himself.  He was prepared.

Robyn – After the armed robber left the store, I would prefer it if the customer would have let him go and called the police.  

Robyn – shooting at the car could endanger bystanders, bullets may not react as expected when they hit a car.  A vehicle defense class is very eye opening experience.

Robyn – In this case, the car was used as a weapon against our good Samaritan.  He needed to move to get objects between himself and the oncoming car.  Concrete posts on parking spots in from to the convenience store or the building itself.

Robyn – If the good Samaritan had stayed inside and called the police, the second confrontation may not have occurred in the parking lot.  As soon as you can safely call the police do it.  Let them track down the bad guy.  

Exit-  Rob- That wraps up this episode. Robyn, thank you for helping me today.  Where can our listeners learn more about you?

Robyn-  I teach in Naples Florida, and our listeners can find me at Step by Step Gun Training.com.  They can also contact us on Facebook.  We provide custom training courses as well as standard group classes.  We have a night shoot on January 7th and we have Andrew Branca coming to town to teach the law of self-defense on the 28.

Rob- Our listeners can share their thoughts with us by leaving a message on the podcast facebook page.  

Robyn – If these examples inspired you, then please share them with a friend.  Would you also give us a rating on I-Tunes.

I’m Rob Morse.  Please join us next week for more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

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