Episode 62 with Jeff Street

Introduction- Rob- I’m Rob Morse and welcome to episode 62 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  This show is for  people who think they might want a gun for self-defense, and those who already have one.  We’re joined this week by self-defense instructor Jeff Street.

It’s great to talk with you again, Jeff.  What have you been up to?


Jeff- Hi, Rob.  Hi to our new listeners, and welcome back to our regular listeners. We report and analyze three examples of armed civilian defense.  We hope you use these reports as part of your exercise program.. to exercise your imagination today so you can defend the people you care about tomorrow.  Please leave us a message on our facebook page with your questions or comments.

Jeff- Our first story took place last week in Decatur, Alabama.

Rob- First story-  Are you armed at work? You work on the back dock of a roofing supply company.  You’re around construction and material handling equipment all day long as you move materials and set up customer’s orders.  It isn’t unusual to yell so you can hear each other over the noise of the equipment, but this yelling is different.  One of your customers is yelling at one of your co-workers.  You stop to see what is happening.  You see the customer pull a firearm and point the gun at one of your co-workers.  He isn’t showing off the gun, he is threatening to hurt your co-worker.  You draw your own gun and fire twice at the attacker.  Then you’re the one doing the shouting as you yell for someone to call the police.

Jeff, what would you tell your students if they were in this situation?


Jeff- This may be an example of involving yourself in the conflicts of others.   We don’t know all the details.  Was the employee the only one threatened by the customer?  How well do you know the involved coworker?  Are you willing to put your life in danger for them?  Can you assist without putting other coworkers in greater danger?

Rob- What do we need to know before we get involved?

Jeff- You need to figure these things out ahead of time.  Make a list of the people you would be willing to die for or spend the rest of your life in jail for.  My wife Robyn is on that list.  The world will miss her more than me.  Putting myself in jeopardy for someone else will potentially deprive my wife of me.

Rob- Should you protect strangers in a movie theater, but not in the mall?  Should you protect your mother in law, but not your brother in law?

Rob- What did the responder do correctly?

Jeff- Our second story happened last week in La Porte, Texas.

Rob- Second Story-  Are you armed at home in the evening?  Your daughter wanted to buy a cell phone.  She found a used one at a price she wanted to pay.  She agreed to meet the buyer at a public place.  The police have an area of their parking lot set up with cameras for trades like this.  They seller was late, so your daughter agreed to meet the seller at your home.

Your daughter asked to see the phone and make sure it worked before she handed over the money. Your wife was standing nearby, and the buyer grabbed your wife.  He grabbed your wife  by the hair and demanded the money.  Your wife yelled and you looked from inside your house.  Your daughter yelled that she’d go get the money from inside the house.  You saw the stranger with a gun pointed at your wife’s head.  You walked to the front steps and leaped at the buyer, knocking him away from your wife.  Rather than run away, the attacker again demanded the money.  You said you’d get it.  You walked inside and grabbed your handgun.  The attacker raised his gun as you came outside.  You shot him once in the low- center chest.  Now the attacker ran away.  The driver waiting in his car sped away with the injured attacker.  Now you call police.

Jeff- Late buyer should be a red flag.  We never invite strangers to our home.  Would have been better is someone involved in the exchange on the good guy side of the balance sheet had been armed.  

Rob-  When is lethal force justified, when is it necessary, and when is it advantageous?

Jeff- The criminal was armed.

Rob- That shows he threatened us with lethal force.  When should we shoot?

Jeff-  Low center chest was not an instant stop shot.  At that point. our violent criminal actor was convinced that retreat was a good option.   

Rob- I like it that he went hand to hand rather than stand there when his wife was threatened.



Jeff- Our third story happened last week in Chicago, Illinois.

Give Lloyd a listen at http://www.armedlutheran.us/

Rob- Third story- Are you armed when you walk to your car?  

You had to get something from your car.  It is parked on the street.  It is almost noon, and two men approach you as you reach for the door.  One of the men has a gun.  They demand your car keys and wallet.  You are licensed to carry a concealed handgun in Chicago.  You’re armed.  You reach for your keys and then present your firearm.  You shoot the armed robber.  He drops his gun.  Both men run away.  You stop firing and call the police.

Jeff-  When approaching your car, you should give an extra look around.  Maybe they would not have selected you.  This is Chicago and they most likely believe that you are not armed.  I will not ever live in Chicago or any other gun unfriendly city.

Rob- What if he saw them.  What should he do next?


Jeff- Distraction worked.  Reaching into your pocket for the keys or putting them on the car might have diverted their attention and slowed their reaction time.  That gave the defender more time to act.

Rob- It sounds like only one of the attackers had a firearm.

Jeff- Notice that in the last case and this one both perpetrators were not immediately immobilized from a handgun wound (like in the movies).  Calling the police is very important.  We recommend the say little approach.  In order to accomplish the say little approach I recommend vigorous listening to SDGS and thinking about what you would tell 911, the arriving police, and your attorney after the fact.



Exit-  Rob- That wraps up this episode. Jeff, thank you for helping me today.  Where can our listeners learn more about you?

Jeff-  My wife and I teach in Naples Florida, and our listeners can learn more about us at Step by Step Gun Training.com.  We provide custom training courses as well as weekly group classes.  Our listeners can also find us on Facebook.

Rob- Please leave your comments and questions on the podcast facebook page.  

Jeff-  If you liked this show, then you’ll like the other podcasts on the Self-defense radio network.  We create this podcast under a creative commons license, so please share them with a friend.  It has been a couple months since we received a rating on on I-Tunes, so we can use your help.

Rob- I’m Rob Morse.  We’ll be back next week with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

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