Episode 68 with Ben Branam

Rob- Introduction- I’m Rob Morse and welcome to episode 68 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  This podcast is for people who think they might want a firearm.. and those who already have one.  We’re joined this week by self-defense instructor Ben Branam.

Hi, Ben.  I know you’ve been instructing in Illinois.

Ben- Hi, Rob.  I got to teach in Illinois with Bob Mayne.

Hi to our new listeners, and welcome back to our regular listeners. We report and analyze three examples of armed civilian defense.  We hope you use these reports as part of your exercise program.. to use your imagination today so you can defend the people you care about tomorrow.  Please leave us a message on our facebook page with your questions or comments.

Ben- Our first story took place last week near Mobile, Alabama.

Rob- First story-  Are you armed at home in the early afternoon? (and here)

You hear a knock at your front door.  You look through the glass side panels and see three people standing outside.  They see you too.  They shoot you with a shotgun.  You step back and reach behind a cabinet.  You grab the handgun you keep there.  You open the door and shoot your attackers striking all three of them as they try to shoot you again.  You’ve met them before.

You’re a veteran of the marine corps.  Some young kids broke into your house last month.  You caught them.  They threatened you if you reported them to the police.  Now they are lying wounded outside your door.  You call police and ask for medical assistance.

Ben- Our second story happened last week in Salt Lake City.

Rob- Second Story-  Are you armed at work in the evening?

You work in a sandwich shop.  It is about 6pm when two man and a woman walk into the store.  One locks the front door, and the others pull out guns.  You see this from the back storage area and you push the door shut to keep them out. The female robber throws her body against the door to get to you.  The door opens a few inches.  You grab your firearm and shoot your attacker around the door.  The other robbers run. You and your co-worker call the police and medical personnel.  Neither of you are hurt.


Ben- Our third story happened last week in Las Vegas

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Rob- Third story- Are you armed when you’re at work?  

You run your own store selling phones and accessories.  It is almost closing time and a strange man walks in.  You’ve seen him on the streets before.  The stranger doesn’t look up, but walks up to the counter and kicks in the glass on the display case.  You walk to the cash register and grab your gun.  The robber looks up and then turns away.  He walks out of your store with his hands in the air.  You don’t shoot.

You took a class last week.  You never had your finger on the trigger because the robber had not threatened your life.


Exit- Rob- That wraps up this episode. Ben, thank you for helping me today.  Where can our listeners learn more about you?

Ben- Our listeners can find me at Modern Self Protection.com.  I live in San Antonio, and most of my classes are in central Texas.  Listeners can see my complete class schedule at my website, and they can also listen to my podcast.

Rob- Our listeners can share their thoughts with us by leaving a message on the podcast facebook page.  

Ben-  If you liked this show, please share it with a friend, and give us a rating on I-Tunes.

Rob- I’m Rob Morse.  We’ll be back next week with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.


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