Episode 79 with Tracy Thronburg

Rob- Introduction- I’m Rob Morse and welcome to episode 79 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  This podcast is for people who think they might want a firearm.. and those who already have one.  We’re joined this week by self-defense instructor Tracy Thronburg.

Hi, Tracy Thronburg.  How have you been?

Tracy- Hi, Rob.  How have I been? I’ve been well, thanks. Last weekend, I took a Ladyseed class in San Antonio and have been recovering from that class for the better part of the week.

Hi to our new listeners, and welcome back to our regular listeners. We report and analyze three examples of armed civilian defense.  We hope you use these reports as part of your exercise program.  Please leave us a message on our facebook page with your questions or comments.

Tracy- Our first story took place last week in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Rob- First story-  Are you armed at home?

You are a 69 years old woman.  You’ve been out for the day, but when you arrive home, you notice that your side door has been damaged.  You walk into your home.  There are several things missing.  You call police, and they take a report.

That night at about 11 pm you hear someone prying through the damaged door.  You’re armed.  You shoot the intruder as they enter your home.  You call police again.  This time the police race to the scene.

Tracy- I see that my side door has been damaged. I would NOT be going into my house to see if things are missing. I’m calling the police first and waiting for them to arrive before proceeding any further. The article says the woman had been robbed earlier that same evening that she shot the man. The bad guy came back to rob her twice in one day. The article says the homeowner shot the bad guy as he was breaking into her home. I would question whether the homeowner’s life was in danger as she shot the man as he was “breaking into her home.” I might have yelled at him that I was armed with a gun and would shoot him if he continued to break into my home. We can’t tell from the article if the bad guy was completely inside the home when the homeowner shot him.  Was the homeowner going and looking for trouble? There is a lot of gray to this story right now.

It is OK if you take your gun off when you’re in bed at night.

You need a way to get to your secured gun quickly.

A closet shelf is not secure.  A safe with a combination lock does not qualify as quick access.

Tracy- I am armed at home. When I go to bed at night, I always have the same three things on my nightstand, within reach: a flashlight, a handgun, and a fully charged cell phone.

Rob-  Do you talk about home intrusions and firearms storage with your students?

Tracy- Our second story happened last week in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Rob- Second Story-  Are you armed in the back yard?

You’re walking in your backyard with your son.  You’re about ready to go in for lunch when an armed stranger runs into your yard.  The intruder shouts at you and raises his gun.  You are carrying concealed.  You present your handgun and shoot quickly.  Unfortunately you miss.  Fortunately the thief drops his gun and puts up his hands.  You hear sirens, and shout for police.  Why would an armed man run into your yard and how did the police get there so fast?

This criminal was part of a pair who’d just kicked in a neighbor’s door.  Another neighbor saw the break in and called police.  This fleeing criminal ran into your yard.  The other criminal met a similar fate a few doors away.

These armed criminals were repeat felons and had both stolen articles and stolen firearms in their getaway car.

Tracy- Wow, Rob. Pants on, gun on. Your life may depend on it. I would like to take this opportunity to remind our listeners that every bullet that leaves your gun has your name on it. Training in marksmanship is so important. Fortunately, the homeowner had a gun to protect himself and his father. The homeowner felt the need to defend himself and his father. Just having a gun isn’t enough. Knowing the fundamentals of good marksmanship is so very important. Knowing how to hit your intended target during a stressful situation is just as important. There are no “do overs.”


Tracy- Our third story happened last week in Manassas, Virginia.

Give Lloyd a listen at http://www.armedlutheran.us/

Rob- Third story- Are you armed when you’re at home?  

A couple was standing in their home or close to the home outside.  This story is reported both ways, so take your pick.  They are argueing with three teenagers.  The teenagers attacked the couple.  One of the couple was armed, and presented their firearm for self-defense.  The young men ran.  The couple called police.  They asked for medical attention when the police arrived.

One report called the young men gang members since one of them was in his twenties.


Tracy- There is something strange to me about a couple in their mid-thirties arguing with three men in their 20s. The attack reportedly occurred inside a home, which would lead me to believe that at least one of the couple knew at least one of the bad guys, and the probability that the three younger men were invited into the home. It makes me wonder if illegal activities were involved and not reported.

Exit-  Rob- That wraps up this episode. Tracy, thank you for helping me today.  Where can our listeners learn more about you?

Tracy- I instruct at KR Training in Manheim, Texas.  We’re on the web at K R Training dot com and at austexgungirl@gmail.com

Rob- Our listeners can share their thoughts with us by leaving a message on the podcast facebook page.  

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Rob- I’m Rob Morse.  We’ll be back next week with more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

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