Tag: Ben Branam

  • Episode 185 with Ben Branam

    We try and be clear about a complex situation. You can use lethal force if someone is going to die, but use lethal force only if you have to.

  • Episode 179 with Ben Branam

    You and your fiance are home on a Saturday night. You hear something going on in the back of your apartment. You see two young men smashing their way into your screened porch. One of them is armed.

  • Episode 171 with Ben Branam

    I'm so glad this mom was armed. She saved her husband and her daughter.

  • Episode 163 with Ben Branam

    As soon as you can, call the police. That 911 call makes a permanent record that you were there. That call means you were responding to an attack rather than brandishing your firearm in public.

  • Episode 156 with Ben Branam

    We're at greater risk outside the home than inside. We’re at greater risk at night than during the day. The most dangerous thing you do is walk across the parking lot from the grocery store back to your car late at night.

  • Episode 150 with Ben Branam

    Here are four stories of armed defense at home, at work, and on the street. These gun owners faced a threat. What should we do in their situation?

  • Episode 139 with Ben Branam

    This podcast is for people who are curious about a firearm for self-defense, and for those who already own one. These gun owners faced a lethal threat..and they had a plan.

  • Episode 129 with Ben Branam

    What should you if you or your family were attacked at home or at work? Rob and Ben analyze four new examples of armed defense.

  • Episode 121 with Ben Branam

    Can you defend yourself at your office, as you drive, at home and where you work? Instructor Ben Branam brings us three new stories of self-defense. (23 minute audio podcast)

  • Episode 112 with Ben Branam

    Can you protect innocent victims at home, at work, and on the street? Firearms instructor Ben Branam brings us three news stories of armed civilians who protected themselves.. and those they love. (14 minute audio podcast)