Episode 6 with David Cole


Introduction- Welcome to episode 6 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  I’m Rob Morse with self-defense instructor and handgun competitor David Cole.  Hello, David.  Together, we report and analyze examples of armed civilian defense each week.

David- Our first example took place last month in Nashville, Tennessee.

First story-  Self defense inside a gated community  It was the middle of the night when an apartment owner heard someone banging at his bedroom window.  The owner called police and picked up his pistol.  A minute later, a stranger kicked in the owner’s back door.  The owner stayed in his bedroom.  The robber came into the bedroom and the homeowner shouted for the intruder to stop.  The robber reached for his gun, and the defender shot him.  The intruder ran from the home.

The intruder had a criminal history.  He had a pistol inside the waistband of his pants.  The resident cooperated with police and is not expected to face charges.  The apartment complex is a gated community and police are trying to identify how the armed robber got inside.

Easy entry to a gated community. Concealment inside your bedroom. How long does it take to walk to another room, unlock a gun and load it. 

Cover vs concealment. Verbal warning on entry- I’ve called to police and I’m armed. 

Second Story- Saved by a good grandson with a gun–  An older woman was driven to her bank by her grandson.  The grandson parked the car, and grandma walked up to her bank ATM.  This was at 10pm.  An armed  stranger approached the older woman.  The stranger demanded the woman’s money and waved the gun close to her face.  The grandson saw the intruder, saw his gun, and stepped out of his car.   The grandson drew his own firearm.  The robber fired first.  The grandson fired second, and hit the robber.  The robber ran from the scene. All this happened in Selma, Alabama.

David, was there time to get a gun from the trunk of his car? Grandson carried concealed.  When was the grandson justified in using lethal force? When do gun owners learn to draw a concealed firearm? 

First they learn range safety, Progress to concealed carry laws, Range practice, Presentation practice, Concealed practice, Shooting while you move and think

How long would that take to learn, not to competition levels, but to present a firearm safely?

poing blank range logo trans

Point Blank Range

Third story- Saved by another employee– Joseph Curry drove up to the Jacksonville, Florida landscape company where he worked.  People were running from the building yelling that another employee was shooting people inside.  Curry got out of his car and stepped into the building with his gun.  That is when Curry met the armed attacker holding a pistol in his hands.  Evidently the attacker’s gun had jammed, and the attacker was heading outside to get a baseball bat from his truck.

Curry told the attacker to drop the gun.  The attacker saw Curry’s gun.  The attacker dropped his gun and ran. Curry let him go.   The attacker was arrested by police a few blocks away.

David- No shots fired
Time to go back to his car after he saw the attacker?
When and why was Curry justified to use lethal force?
There were other employees in the building.
The defender stopped mass murder.

Exit- That wraps up this episode.  David, thank you for helping me today.  Where can our listeners find you?

David Cole- They can contact me at Aegis Solutions, and at Blackman with a Gun.

Rob- Thank you for reminding me, Dave.  Listeners can find us and leave a comment at self defense gun stories dot com, and on our facebook page.

I’m Rob Morse and please join us next week for more Self-Defense Gun Stories.

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