Episode 8 with Jeff Street

Introduction- Welcome to episode 8 of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  I’m Rob Morse with self-defense instructor Jeff Street.  Hello, Jeff.  Together, we report and analyze examples of armed civilian defense each week.

Jeff- Our first example took place last week in Indianapolis.

First story-  A female homeowner heard glass breaking just after noon.  She called her husband, grabbed her gun, and walked towards the sound which was coming from her baby’s room.  That is when an armed intruder came out of the child’s room with a gun in his hands.  The intruder fired two shots.  The homeowner returned fire and hit the intruder several times.  The entire event was over in seconds.  From there, the news isn’t clear if the intruder ran or was incapacitated at the scene.

Jeff- Why studying DGUs is so important.  Novel stimuli will get you killed because don’t have time to ponder what is happening.

Horse and rider, rider is the rational mind, and the horse is your emotional or instinctive mind.  Emotional mind vs Rational mind.  Example: when driving a car it feels unnatural to steer into a skid.

Second Story-  A male apartment resident was at home with his eight month old son.  It was just after 9pm when the occupant heard someone banging on the door and trying to get into the apartment.  The resident got his firearm and called police.  The apartment occupant repeatedly told the intruder to leave.  The occupant shot the intruder when he broke out a window and started to climb into the apartment.


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Third story-  An escaped murderer attacked a father and his 5 year old son as the two were getting into their car at four in the morning.  The attacker forced them back into their home.  The murderer tied up the husband and wife.  The husband fought with the intruder.  The husband was stabbed in the shoulder.  The wife got the family firearm from another room, returned, and shot the intruder.  The wife untied her husband.  He shot their attacker again as he moved towards them.  The couple grabbed their child and fled into the street.  Police entered the home and found the murderer dead at the scene.

Jeff: Train by relating at an emotional level and putting yourself in their position.  Then put yourself in their position with your skills and tools.  Think about how you handle the aftermath, 911. Re-holster. Arriving police. CYA can you articulate? Then think about avoidance. Civilian ROEs vs Police, Home ROE vs outside, Pre vs Post Shall issue CCW Home vs Public

Exit- That wraps up this episode. Jeff, thank you for helping me today.  Where can our listeners find you?Jeff Street

Jeff- I teach in Naples Florida, and our listeners can find us at Step by Step Gun Training.com  We design custom training as well as offer standard group classes.

Rob- That reminds me.  Listeners can talk to us on our facebook page.  We post transcripts and links to these stories on our web page at self defense gun stories dot com,

I’m Rob Morse.  For guests and the entire crew, please join us next week for more Self-Defense Gun Stories.


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